Aervoe 415 Offline Contact Cleaner Trigger Spray, 20 oz

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Aervoe 415 Specifications:
•  Container size: 20 oz. (15-oz. fill)

Aervoe 415 Includes:
•  (1) 20 oz. (15-oz. fill)Contact Cleaner

Aervoe 415 Features:
•  Quick, penetrating action
•  Leaves no residue
•  Effectively removes grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants
•  Does not contain CFCs, HCFC, or chlorinated solvents
•  Includes extension tube for precision application in hard to reach areas
•  Displaces water and moisture
•  Trigger spray action assures complete saturation
•  Unique wetting action cleans the finest of instruments, contacts, relays, precision mechanical or electrical solenoids, and other delicate hardware
•  Electrical components, connectors, contacts, magnetic tape heads, semiconductor assemblies, precision instruments, office equipment, printed circuits, computer components, relays and controls, telephone equipment, typewriters, and TV tuners.

This fast penetrating cleaner is highly refined and designed for use on high-tech electronic hardware and PCBs and PWBs. It is safe for use on metal, plastics, rubber, and glass surfaces. This product should not be used on energized equipment or equipment in operation