Bosch VB090S 9 Gallon Wet/Dry Dust Extractor Bag (5 Pack)

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• (5) wet/dry bags

• Wet/dry bag for Bosch VAC090A and VAC090S dust extractors
• For easier, cleaner disposal of vacuumed materials
• Acts as pre-filter for large debris and may increase the life of the main filter
• For use with wet or dry materials

• Capacity (gal): 9
• Material: Fleece
• Wet / Dry: Yes
• Pieces: 5

Wet/dry filter bag for VAC series 9 Gallon dust extractors. Filter bags act as a primary filter, capturing large pieces of debris and increasing the life of the main filter. Using a filter bag is the most efficient way to dispose of the captured dust and debris. Each filter bag comes with a port cover which securely closes opening of the filter bag and keeps the dust and debris inside during the disposal process. Wet/dry bags are ideally suited for usage with slurry type materials.