Jobox 640990 JOBSITE BROWN PIANO BOX 60 X 49 X 31

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• The JOBSITE Piano Box has 48 cubic feet of fl exible storage space. Heavy-loads can be stored on the two full-length shelves. The bottom shelf tilts up for easier access to load bulky items. Deep, wide bolsters and a 12-gauge steel bottom fl ange add incredible strength to the door. Wide fl anges reinforce the body to resist bending. Bolt Cutter Proof Locking System protects the padlocks* inside 12-gauge steel housings. Only the bottoms of the padlocks are exposed. They can not be cut, pulled or pried out.
• Two Gas Springs assist with opening and closing the door.
• Lifting Handles are protected inside tall, deep recesses to prevent pinched knuckles and damage.
• Tall Bottom Bolsters for easily moving a loaded Piano Box with a forklift.

• Length: 60 inches
• Width: 30.5 inches
• Height: 49.850. inches
• Material: Steel
• Finish: Brown