Stiletto FH10C 10oz Smooth Face Curved handle Titanium Finish Hammer

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Stiletto FH10C Specifications:
•  Hammer Style: Finishing
•  Head Weight: 10 Ounces
•  Head Material: Titanium
•  Striking Face: Smooth
•  Removable Face: No
•  Claw Type: Rip/Straight
•  Overall Length: 14-1/2 Inches
•  Handle Style: Axe
•  Handle Material: Hickory/Wood
•  Gripped: No
•  Grip Type: N/A
•  Side Claw: No
•  Overstrike: No
•  Nail Starter: Yes

Stiletto FH10C Includes:
•  (1) 10 oz. Titanium Finish Hammer

Stiletto FH10C Features:
•  10oz solid Titanium head with the driving power of a 16oz Steel hammer
•  Magnetic nail starter for 3/4" brad or wire nails
•  Straight claw design
•  14.5" curved Hickory handle
•  Smooth face for a clean finish

This lightweight 10-ounce titanium finish hammer has the striking force of 16-ounce steel. Engineered for the user, this titanium hammer is a precision nail driving tool. Its 13.5-inch curved axe style hickory handle offers extreme durability and great comfort. This hammer features a smooth face. Lightweight and powerful, the overall length is 14-1/4 inches and it weighs only 16.6 ounces. This 10-ounce titanium finish hammer does not have the nail slot in the face to mar finish work, and also features a tight radius claw design to pull finish nails easily without leaving marks in your work.