Calculated Industries 6135 Scale Master Pro XE - Advanced Digital Plan Measure

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Dedicated Functions:
• 91 Built-in Scales: 50 Imperial (Feet-Inch) and 41 Metric for maximum versatility in architectural, engineering and civil/map scaling.
• Dedicated Length, Width and Height Keys: "Roll", store and recall L, W & H values and instantly find rectangular Areas and Volumes.
• Auto Count Feature: Automatically counts how many times a pre-set distance has been rolled. Great for stud counts, columns, fence posts, outlets, fixtures or any other regularly spaced items.
• Count While Rolling: Push-button counter lets you count items as you roll.
• Constant (+K) Key: Allows you to add (or subtract) a constant value to the distance measured. Great for take-outs and add-ons.
Time Saving Utilities:
• Lock Switch: Lock in the mode and scale to prevent changing them while rolling.
• Imp-Met Switch: Instantly changes to working in Imperial or Metric units.
• Subtract Key: Allows you to easily deduct rolled distances.
• Accumulating (M+) Memory: Allows easy totaling of dimensions or counts – perfect for multi-page plans.
• PC ready: The plug-and-play PC interface lets you transfer any rolled values from the Scale Master Pro XE directly to commonly used spreadsheets or estimating programs, saving countless keystrokes and time. Reduce the potential for costly transcribing errors. USB cable sold separately.
• Auto Shut-off
• Hard Cover Protective Case
• Multi-language User Guide on CD-ROM
• (2) CR-2032 Long-life Lithium Batteries
• Full One-Year Limited Warranty
• 15' USB Cable for PC Interface (purchase separately)