WD40 49008 16oz. WD-40 Industrial Aerosol

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•  Size: 16 oz. spray
•  Container Type: Can 

•  Compliant with California VOC levels.
•  Loosens locking mechanisms on ladders 
•  Cleans resin encrusted table saw blades 
•  Removes oil from hands 
•  Removes tar from hands 
•  Cleans jointer and planer blades before and after sharpening 
•  Protects tools from corrosion 
•  Protects bandsaw bearings 
•  Cleans spray paint nozzles 
•  Helps fix watches 
•  Prevents foliage from sticking to pruning shears 
•  Helps clean metal surfaces 
•  Shines steel 
•  Lubricates flashlight battery compartment to ease removal of stuck batteries 
•  Cleans rusty saws 
•  Removes pine pitch from table saw blades 
•  Prevents rust on clamps 
•  Keeps metal filing tools from filling with lead or zinc