Bosch 1942 Heavy-Duty Heat Gun

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Bosch 1942 Specifications:
•  Model Number: 1942
•  Amperage: 14.3
•  Length: 8"
•  Weight: 3.5 lbs
•  Rating: 120V AC
•  Air Volume: 23 C.F.M.
•  Temperature Settings: 750 - 1000°F (Maximum)

Bosch 1942 Features:
•  Applications: Strip Paint, Shrink Tubing or Packaging ,Heat Liquids, Loosen Fittings, Soften Caulking, Surface Finishes and Thaw Pipes.
•  Powerful blower provides a high volume of air needed for industrial applications
•  Air intake regulator adjusts the temperature to the requirements of the job
•  Cool air setting for cooling and for no-heat applications-- adds versatility
•  Insulated nozzle protects operatior, provides a cool exterior temperature
•  Padded, adjustable stand allows stationary use with multi-position holder
•  Range of accessories that adapts tool for specific uses in building trades, industrial applications, and laboratory work