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• Aluminum Liquid Transfer Tanks
• All Transfer Tanks Feature a 2” Bung Fill Tube which protrudes into the tank to help limit the capacity and allow space in the tank for expansion
• of the contents due to warm weather.
• The Safety Capacity is the MINIMUM capacity of the tank when fi lled to the bottom of the Bung Fill tube….not the maximum capacity of the tank.
• The Maximum Gallon Capacity is also shown in the chart.
• Delta Aluminum Transfer Tanks are designed for the toughest conditions. Made of heavy-duty .125 Treadplate Aluminum, the tanks have internal baffl es for reinforcement and to control the fl ow of the contents when moving. All tanks are pressure tested for leaks.
• 2” NPT Reinforced Bungs allow mounting a pump on either side of the tank. Filter system is recommended.
• Lockable Filler Cap and Coupler prevent excessive pressure build up.
• Heavy-Duty Brackets to secure the tank to the truck bed. All brackets must be bolted to the truck bed.

• Length: 23.25 inches
• Width: 23.25 inches
• Height: 23.25 inches
• Material: Aluminum
• Finish: Bright