EstWing EBTA Tomahawk Axe Black

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• Vinyl shock reduction grip
• Forged in one piece out of genuine American steel
• Finish: Matte Black-on-Black
• Beveled edge
• Light weight
• Use for breaching, excavation and extrication
• Use for trenching, cutting and digging
• Made in USA
• Includes a Sheath

• Approximate Length: 16.25"
• Grip: Nylon Vinyl

The new Estwing Black Eagle tools are designed for the sportsman, serious professionals, and military. The lightweight design makes them easy to carry, perfectly balanced, weighted and built to last. Designed and made in the USA and forged out of one piece American steel. These tools have the world famous and patented Estwing Shock Reduction Grip. The grip which reduces vibration up to 70% is bonded on and will not come off. This Tomahawk style axe is perfect for cutting, trenching, digging, excavation, and operations including breaching, extrications. These axes are the worlds best. Protect your eyes from flying particles and dust. Always wear safety goggles. Bystanders shall also wear safety goggles