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Gardner Bender 79-402 Super-Slick™ Pull Lube, 1 Gal Bkt

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Original price $50.09
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• Lowest pulling tension. This GB® lubricant innovation combines a lubricating agent with microbeads that act as miniature ball bearings to raise the cable off the conduit surface.
• Cable literally rolls through the run, reducing friction by an additional 30% compared to regular lubricants.
• Adheres throughout long pulls. Creates a slick film that will not rub off or dry out on long pulls or re-pulls.
• Requires up to 45% less lubricant per foot than regular lubricants, actually reducing cable-pulling costs.
• Stable under temperature extremes of 28 °F to 200 °F and withstands repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
• Harmless to skin and safe for the environment. Non-toxic, nonflammable and non-corrosive to all conduit types. Easily cleans up with water and will not stain clothing.
• Universally compatible with all cable types and jacket materials, including low-density and linear low density polyethylene, polyurethane and semi-conducting jackets.

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