Kask WKI00003.500 Zen FF Full Face Visor Kit, Clear, for Zenith Helmets

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• (1) Zen FF Visor
• (1) Adapter

• Material: Polycarbonate
• Optical Class: 1
• Weight: 0.26 lbs (120g)
• Size: Universal
• Standards: EN 166 / ANSI Z87.1

KASK's line of helmet visors is expansive enough to cover any application. The KASK Zen FF Helmet Visor is a full facial shield that protects a larger area of the face than the standard Zen visor. This product is easily integrated into KASK Zenith helmets and can be moved up when not in use. The Zen FF visor is anti-fog and scratch resistant for unmatched visibility when donning it. It's panoramic lens is large enough to not interfere with workers who wear prescription glasses underneath the visor. The Zen FF's ergonomic, reinforced frame protects against any debris entry.