Max Burton 6515 Digital ProChef Adjustable Temperature Settings & Control 1800W Induction Cooktop

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• (1) Cooktop

• 10 Power settings (wattage)
• 15 Temperature settings (100 degrees - 450 degrees F) in 25 degree increments
• Temperature probe for precise temperature control within ±10 degrees. Easily detaches for cleaning and storage.
• Programmable cooking alows you to program up to 3 cooking conditions using different temperature and time settings. Use for slow cooking, sous vide, and stage cooking.

• 1800 Watts
• Full digital controls
• Dial control knob to set functions.
• LCD display
• Touchpad controls
• One touch simmer and boil
• Timer
• Program lock
• Stainless steel and comercial-grade materials

This induction cooktop is built for professional chefs in a commercial kitchen or the at-home cook. Either way this is a feature-rich induction for any application, with industry first designs and at a great price. Induction rated cookware is required, but easy to find.  For a quick test, apply a magnet to your existing cookware.  If it sticks it will work!  If your cookware is not compatible, consider our #6010 Induction Interface Disk which allows you to use most cookware with an induction cooktop.