Panasonic EY7540X 14.4V LI-ION Impact Driver (Tool only)

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14.4V Impact Driver with high torque for quicker fastening making it suitable for fastening lag bolts, masonry screws and bolts and nuts. The motor and large hammer increases the torque and rotation speed. The Panasonic 14.4V Li-ion Impact Wrench EY7540 delivers high torque fastening, stays cool and comfortable. It delivers 1,330 in.lbs of torque and has 3 speeds making short work for tough jobs.. It's lightweight of 3.3 lbs and compact style reduces fatigue. The EY7540 new brushless motor and electronic switch increase the motors lifespan by about twice as long as our conventional motor.

1/4" Hex Chuck
High Power up to 1330 in-lbs. of torque 
Variable Speed (reversible) High, Medium, Low 
Maximum Torque:
                              (F mode, tightening 3 sec.) High/hard mode: 1,330 in. lbs (M14 Bolt for 3 sec)
                              Medium mode: 665 in. lbs (M10 Bolt for 3 sec)
                              Low/soft mode: 240 in. lbs (M8 Bolt for 3 sec) 
No Load Speed: 
                            (unit : rpm) 
                            High/hard mode: 0-2,300
                            Medium mode: 0-1,400
                            Low/soft mode: 0-1,000 rpm 
Impact Per Minute: 
                            High/hard mode: 0-3,000
                            Medium mode: 0-2,800
                            Low/soft mode: 0-2,000 
Dimensions 6-1/4" x 8-3/4" x 2-3/8" 
Additional features Brushless motor, Electric switch, Electric Brake, LED work light
Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.37'' x 10.04'' x 17.52'' 
Electronic Performance Monitoring System
Ergonomics: Ergonomic design using Sure Grip Surface.
Typical Applications: Air conditioning installation, automotive repair and maintenance, scaffolding assembly, long wood screw/lag screw fastening
From the Manufacturer:

Compact, Lightweight Design
This 14.4V impact driver is compact (length 6-1/4") and lightweight (3.3 lbs). This achievement is the result of a newly developed built-in motor, which is 44% lighter and 15% smaller than the previous generation of motor.
Powerful and Fast
The newly developed brushless motor generates 1,330 in.lbs of torque and 3,000bpm. Combine this power with a speed of 2,300rpm's and you have the ideal fastening tool. The high-speed is good for self-drilling fasteners and the high torque is ideal for long wood screws or lag screw fastening.

Comfortable to Use
This 14.4V impact driver is comfortable to use. The ergonomic balance of the tool body offers comfortable operation for extended periods of time with less fatigue. The soft grip on the tool handle helps reduce fatigue for fingers.