Reed PES4 Pe Squeeze-Off Tool For Polyethylene - 2" - 4"

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• (1) PE Squeeze-Off Tools

• Aluminum castings wstand different climate and soil conditions.
• Increased leverage for squeezing due to sliding bar handle.
• Aluminum parts reduce tool weight for easier handling.
• Positive stops prevent damage caused by over-clamping.
• Easy to use in-line because of attached swing bar and no loose parts.

• Length: 21
• Width: 3
• Height: 18

Reed offers the best designed tools for stopping flow in ½” up to 8” PE pipe. Different models handle a wide range of pipe sizes and applications. Sliding bar handles make work in tight places easier and increase leverage for tightening. Fine-pitched thread on feed screw allows for a controlled, low-effort squeeze. Grease fittings at friction points make operation smoother and extend tool life. Aluminum bars are anodized or painted for protection from the elements. All PE squeeze-off tools use positive stops to prevent damage caused by over-clamping. Multiple size/SDR settings on one pair of stops provide quick, convenient over-squeeze protection for standard pipe sizes.   NOTE: Reed strongly recommends use of the PEGR Grounding Accessory (#04619) with PE Squeeze-Off Tools. Use a grounding accessory as a precaution against static build-up. Dissipate the charge and minimize the possibility of ignition.