Seatek RF120A Roto-Flex Cable Armor Stripper

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• (1) Cutter

• RF-120A requires no adjustment after initial setting with the quick clamp lever!
• Make cuts in tight quarters! Simply ratchet the handle back & forth when you're in a tight spot.
• Self-tightening blade system and ergonomic crank handle with offset for maximum hand clearance.
• Blade storage cartridge in knob with storage for 6 blades.

• Accepts cable from 0.75" to 1.125" diameter, cuts 4/2 to 2/4 MC and 1/2" & 3/4" trade size Flex.

SAVE TIME AND IMPROVE SAFETY! A few turns of the crank makes a clean slit through armored casing. Takes only a few seconds, simply untwist to strip! Safe & does not damage wires due to the unique built-in depth of cut stop. (Adjustment screw provided for thin walled cables.) The Roto-Flex also spells the end to nicked fingers and cut knees. The open channel construction pioneered by Seatek allows cutting in the middle of a roll. Simplicity at its best!