Simpson Anchors DIAL25 1/4" Lipped Drop-In Anchors 100/pk

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• (100) 1/4" Lipped Drop-In Anchors

• Material: Carbon Steel
• Drill Bit Diameter: 3/8"
• Bolt Threads (Per in.): 20
• Body Length: 1"

Drop-in anchors are internally-threaded, deformation-controlled expansion anchors with a preassembled expander plug, suitable for ?ush mount applications in solid base materials. The anchor is set by driving the expansion plug towards the bottom of the anchor using the setting tool. The Lipped Drop-In (DIAL) features a lip at the top of the anchor body that keeps the top of the anchor ?ush with the concrete. This eliminates the need for precisely drilled hole depths and allows for easier ?ush installation, consistent embedment and uniform rod lengths.