Simpson Anchors THD37212RH 3/8" x 2 1/2" Titen HD Threaded Rod Hangers 50/pk

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• (50) 3/8" x 2 1/2" Titen HD Threaded Rod Hangers

• High-load capacity as a result of the full-length threads that undercut the concrete and effectively transfer load into the base material
• Specialized heat-treating process creates greater hardness at the tip to facilitate cutting while the body remains ductile
• Serrated cutting teeth and patented thread design enable quick and easy installation
• No special installation tools required. Holes can be drilled with rotary hammer or hammer drill with ANSI size bit. Anchors are installed with standard size sockets.

• Size: 3/8" x 2 1/2"
• Accepts Rod Diameter: 3/8"
• Drill Bit Diameter: 3/8"
• Wrench Size: 1/2"
• Minimum Embedment: 2 1/2"

The Titen HD rod hanger is a high-strength screw anchor designed to suspend threaded rod from concrete slabs and beams in order to hang pipes, cable tray and HVAC equipment.