Skilsaw SPT70WM-72 10-1/4" Magnesium SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive with Twist Lock

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• SPT70WM-22 10-1/4 In.Twist-Lock Worm Drive saw
• 40 tooth Diablo® blade
• multi-functional wrench

• Larger than life saw for cutting 4x cleanly and efficiently in one pass
• 15 Amp Dual-Field™ motor designed specifically for saws for relentless power and durability
• Magnesium construction means legendary durability
• Includes 10-1/4 In. Diablo® blade so you're ready to make perfect cuts right out of the box

• 15 Amp
• 4,700 RPM
• Worm Drive Geared
• Magnesium Gear Housing
• Magnesium Foot
• Aluminum Gear Housing
• 16.45 lbs

If you cut 4x, there's nothing like cutting it in one pass with this 10-1/4 In. SKILSAW® worm drive saw. No matter what the material, this worm drive saw is built to be relentless with it's 15 Amp dual field motor designed specifically for saws. It keeps the motor cooler, providing increased power and durability for the life of the saw. Only SKILSAW has it. Increase your productivity on the jobsite by making one clean cut the first time, every time. SKILSAW. True to the trade since 1924.