Stiletto FB11S 11.5" All Titanium MultiFunctional Flat Bar

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Stiletto FB11S Specifications:
•  Length: 11-1/2"
•  Bar Material: Titanium
•  Width: 2"
•  Height: 2"
•  Bar Weight: .75 lbs
•  Nail Puller: Yes

Stiletto FB11S Features:
•  100% Titanium body is 45% lighter than steel
•  Cast arch provides ultimate strength and durability
•  Patented fulcrum points allow maximum prying power and durability
•  Multifunctional design allows you to minimize the number of tools carried
•  Framing Nail Pullers pry 16d Nails, Shingles, Boards, and More
•  180-degree nail puller removes nails in one motion
•  Staple puller removes staples with ease
•  Bottle opener for on the job refreshment
•  Great for stick framers, finish carpenters, and flooring installers