Tajima PZB-400 PLUMB-RITE 400 setter with 14 oz. quick-stabilizing plumb bob

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?Universal plumb bob setter with commercial-grade 14 oz. bob
?Setting pin for wood and drywall surfaces, strong magnet for steel frames
?Adjustable hook ratchets to cinch onto beams or hook onto nails or studs
?Braided nylon line extends and holds at lengths up to 14 ½ ft., retracts into case automatically
?Internal "flush pin" for zero distance measurements with plumb line flush with surface.
?Unique plumb bob features a quick-stabilizing cap that reduces bob wobble and spin.
?Bob also features embedded elastomer side bumpers and a thick tip guard
?Adjustable for bobs weighing from 3.5 oz to 35 oz.