Vizcon 47039-CRU-30 39" Roof Edge Delineator Cone, 30lb Rectangular Rubber Base

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• (1) Cone
• (1) Base

• Warning line system providing quick set-up and removal.
• 30 lb. Recycled Rubber Base weight stays in place. Won’t damage the roof.
• Durable Low Density Plastic Delineator Cones stack with or without base.
• Base drops over cone for easy set-up, bases stack for easy transport & storage.
• Designed to meet OSHA 1926.502
• Meets OSHA Regulation 16 lb. pull test.
• Available with or without Reflective Sheeting.
• Another high quality product from TrafFix Devices, Inc.

• Heigth: 39"
• Base Weight: 30 lbs

The Roof Edge Delineator Cone system from TrafFix Devices is designed to provide a quick and easy OSHA compliant Roof Warning Line System. Roof Edge Delineator Cones are made of Low Density Polyethylene plastic for increased durability in all weather conditions and the cones can be stacked for easy transportation and storage. Each Cone features a 30lb Recycled Rubber Base that easily drops over the cone for quick setup and will keep the cone in place and not damage the roof. The Roof Edge Delineators can be stacked with or without their bases. Delineator Cones are available with and without Reflec(more...)