Weather Guard 1245 Black Steel Ladder Rack System, Short Bed Pickup, 8.25" x 133.5" x 13.25"

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Weatherguard 1245 Features:
•  Fits: Short bed full size pickups and short bed Toyota Tundra
•  Maximum load capacity 1,000 lbs.
•  Tie-down bracket can be bolted wherever you wish.
•  Removable pin on rear cross member allows you to quickly take off the rear cross member for loading large materials.

Our FAST TRACK System is designed for quick assembly and installation and works great with bedliners, because it mounts on the bed rails. Our WEEKENDER Ladder Racks are easy-on, easy-off, side-mounted and ideal for the person who occasionally needs to carry a ladder or long material — like a kayak or canoe. Our ATR (Aluminum Truck Rack) is fully anodized, mounts to the top of bed rails, and fits both full-size and compact pickup trucks.