Aervoe 7007G Cold Galvanizing Compound 93% Zinc-Rich USDA Category 21, Gallon Can

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Aervoe 7007G Specifications:
•  Container Size: 1 Gallon Can

Aervoe 7007G Features:
•  93% zinc-rich coating bonds to iron and steel
•  Sacrificial anodization of zinc occurs when the surface is scratched or broken; zinc coating will corrode while continuing to protect the metal surface it covers
•  USDA Category 21 acceptable
•  Uses: Apply to welded joints, guard rails, bridges, metal chain fences, pipes, TV towers, refinery piping, heavy equipment, corrugated metal buildings, etc.
•  Ideal for harsh industrial environments, such as aviation, marine, manufacturing and petroleum applications.

Crown Cold Galvanizing Compound provides corrosion protection to ferrous metal surfaces first, as a long-lived coating of practically pure zinc comparable to that obtained by galvanization, and second through sacrificial anodization.