Weather Guard 250 Complete Rail Assembly Interior Sliding Ladder Rack

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WeatherGuard 250 Includes:
•  Complete Rail Assembly and Installation Hardware

WeatherGuard 250 Specifications:
•  Universal mounting bracket- Adjusts to different vehicles.
•  Roof mounting brackets- Easy installation.
•  Tension cord guide- Prevents cords from tangling.
•  Adjustable rail length- Accepts up to an 8 foot ladder.
•  Side mounting brackets- Stores ladders vertically.
•  Front cradle- Adjusts to different ladder types.
•  Unique tension locking system- No straps, latches or buckles required.
•  Adjustable rear mounting bracket- Holds ladders in place.
•  Safety cable- Secures ladder in place.
•  Adjustable Front and Rear Cradle Assemblies.

WeatherGuard 250 Features:
•  Keeps ladder off the floor and out of the elements.
•  System allows for ladders to be loaded or unloaded in just seconds.
•  Ladders are held in place by utilizing a unique tension-locking system; there is no need for buckles, latches or straps.
•  WEATHER GUARD Brand Name – Quality.