Reed TC11 Tubing Cutter - 1/8" - 1 1/8" W/75015 Wheel

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• (1) Telescoping Tubing Cutters

• Easy action, fold-out reamer, grooved rollers, and spare cutting wheel.
• Good choice for tight spaces.
• Enclosed feed screw keeps a consistent size throughout the cut.

• Length: 5
• Width: 2.5
• Height: 1.375

Telescoping Tubing Cutters are a good choice for tight spaces as their feed screw keeps them a consistent size throughout the cut. TC11 telescoping tubing cutter with strong, aluminum alloy body and nickel-chrome finish, makes a clean, square cut. Cutters have easy action, enclosed feed screw, fold-out reamer, grooved rollers and spare cutting wheel. TC14 and TC166 telescoping tubing cutters move smoothly and offer a pencil reamer. TC14 features a spare cutter wheel.