Aervoe 7045 H.D. Open Gear & Wire Rope Lube, 16 oz

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Aervoe 7045 Specifications:
•  Container size: 16 oz.
•  Temperatures range: 0°F to 250°F (-18°C to 121°C)

Aervoe 7045 Features:
•  Minimizes internal friction
•  Withstands extreme pressures with maximum adhesion
•  Displaces water to provide excellent rust and corrosion protection
•  Prevents metal bearing surfaces from becoming crazed and brittle
•  Withstands wash downs; migrates on metal surfaces to the core of wire rope and spring windings
•  For use with: wire rope, exposed gears, winches, roller chains, elevator cables, conveyor rolls, fifth wheels on tractor trucks, draglines, construction machinery, and anywhere else that lubrication and superior mastic properties are desired

A high-grade moly grease that won't become brittle, is not affected by weather, and has outstanding adhesion properties.