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Bosch VB000P Plastic Dust Bag for 9- or 14-Gallon Dust Extractors 10 Pack

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• (10) Plastic Dust Extraction Bags

• Disposable plastic dust extraction bags fit both Bosch VAC090 and Bosch VAC140 series dust extractors
• For easier, cleaner disposal of vacuumed materials
• Ideal for concrete or drywall work - unlike paper bags, there are no pores for dust to pass through or clog
• Only for use when vacuuming dry materials
• Compatible with VAC090- and VAC140-Series dust extractors
• Each bag's capacity is 2.25ft

• Material: Plastic

Disposable plastic bag for VAC series 9 and 14 Gallon dust extractors. Plastic bags are durable and more tear resistant than paper bags, making this a great option when cleaning up or extracting large, sharp chips of concrete. The same model plastic bag can be used in either the VAC090 or the VAC140 series models. Using a plastic dust extraction bag is an easy, efficient way to clean-up the dirt and debris in the canister.

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