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Fluke 4566209 PRV240 Compact Portable Safety Proving Unit

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Product Description

Fluke PRV240 Data Sheet

• (1) Compact Portable Safety Proving Unit

• Single LED indicates functionality
• Simple-to-use solution for complying with TBT verification
• Compatible with both high impedance or low impedance multimeters, clamp meters and two pole testers
• Voltage sourced through activated, recessed contacts to avoid accidental contact
• Reduces risk of shock and arc flash
• Sources both AC and DC steady-state voltage

• Output voltage: 240V AC/DC
• Battery life: 5,000 tests per set of four AA batteries
• Safety rating(s): IEC61010-1, IEC61010-2-030

The PRV240 provides a safe method to verify that electrical test tools are operating properly before you conduct live tests. The concept of "Test Before Touch" (TBT) involves testing your meter against a known live source before and after the actual measurement. This sequence verifies that your test tool is operating properly during the actual measurement.

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