Gorilla Gripper 44010 Contractor Panel Grip, Lifting and Carrying Tool

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Are you straining your back, neck, shoulders and hands lifting plywood, drywall and other heavy sheet goods?

You don't have to any more!

The Gorilla Gripper is a brand new and essential gripping and lifting hand tool for a variety of construction industry building materials that are large, unwieldy and heavy....such as panels of plywood, particle board, wallboard, melamine, MDF, glass, granite, marble...and more.

As you well know, these materials typically stand four feet high and eight feet or more in length. They're obviously cumbersome to carry and usually heavy as well, but need to be individually moved, perhaps hand-loaded onto trucks and ultimately hand-carried to their final destination within the building structure or onto its roof.

Since these panels lack handle holds or apertures for grasping, you typically have to grasp the top edge of each panel between the fingers and palms of your hands and lift the panel a few inches off the ground while walking to carry the sheet of material to the place where it may have to be trimmed to a required dimension…and then re-carried to the place where it will be installed.

Not only is this awkward to do by hand, but it physically challenges, stresses and fatigues your fingers, hands, arms, back, chest and neck. This also presents a risk to the materials themselves because they can slip from your grasp and fall to the ground, resulting in damage to the panels…or to your feet or toes.

The Gorilla Gripper solves all of these problems at once, increasing the overall ease and safety of gripping, carrying and moving these panels to and around the job site.

Here's how it works! The Gorilla Gripper simply and easily slips over the center of the top edge of panels with thicknesses between 3/8" and 1-1/8". When you lift its handle the two gripping plates pivot into a parallel position to the panel surfaces, moving together to compress against the panel, gripping it tightly. The unique design of the Gorilla Gripper automatically increases its grip the more the panel material weighs.

With your arm bent up fully at the elbow and your hand holding the handle of the Gorilla Gripper just naturally at your shoulder height, you'll lift up the panel with surprising ease! The panel will rest gently against the outside of your upper arm. The leverage this affords makes it easy to carry these panels from place to place, across rooftops and through construction sites to get them where they need to be.

The Gorilla Gripper significantly reduces the stress and potential of injuries to your fingers, hands, wrists, back and chest. It also greatly reduces physical fatigue. An added benefit is that it increases control over the panel materials being carried, reducing the likelihood of dropping or losing control over them while handling, lifting, pulling, pushing or otherwise moving or holding them.

It enables you to handle and lift objects which are larger and much heavier than is otherwise possible or practical. Use it once and you'll wonder why it wasn't invented sooner! We bet it will be one of your very best and favorite tools.

The Gorilla Gripper...Don't be on a job site without it!

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