Greenlee K425O Manual Crimping Tool with D3 and O Die Grooves

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Greenlee K4250 Specifications:
• Crimping Force: 9,000 lb. (40 kN)
• Length: 25-3/8" (645 mm)

Greenlee K4250 Features:
• Designed for crimping a wide range of overhead service entrance connections, overhead splices, and overhead taps.
• Easy-to-use MD-6 type “pop” tool.
• Equipped with D3 die groove and either “BG” or “O” die groove.
• The D3 die groove serves as a die seat for all Greenlee and industry “W” type dies.
• Bent fiberglass handles provide a solid grip, good leverage, and better durability than wood.
• Teflon-impregnated bushings at pivot joints provide smooth operation and long life.
• Complete crimps are assured with an over-center cam mechanism.
• Tool can easily be checked visually for proper adjustment, and can be adjusted with Allen wrenches.