iTOOLco PS14-300 Pull Slick Rope, 1/4" x 300' L

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• (1) PS14-300 Slick Rope X 300-3/4"

• High tensile strength: 39,000 lbs.
• 12 strand single braded polyethylene fiber
• Pound for pound stronger than steel
• Ultra low stretch
• 24% reduction in coefficient of friction compared to traditional pulling ropes
• 2/3 lighter weight than traditional pulling rope
• Does not absorb water
• Dual factory installed pulling eyes
• Abrasion resistance for less fray
• Not effected by water, humidity and weather
• Will not rot; no organics in rope
• UV resistant

• Dimensions (In): 20 x 12 x 12

iTOOLco’s Pull Slick Rope is pound for pound stronger than steel. This 12 strand single braded polyethylene fiber is ultra low stretch, doesn’t absorb water and will not rot.