Jet 354550 J-A5816, 15" Variable Speed Floor Model Drill Press 115/230V 1PH

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• Full bearing support on quill for maximum spindle stiffness
• Handwheel speed adjustment of 400 to 5,000 RPM
• Large 2-1/4" quill for greater accuracy
• 3" column diameter for maximum head support
• 6" stroke for deep hole application
• Accurate depth stop for precice hole depths
• 1/2" drill chuck and arbor included
• Safety collar

• Table Travel (In.): 16-3/4
• Table Size (L x W) (In.): 15 x 18
• Column Diameter (In.): 3
• Spindle Distance to Table (Max.) (In.): 25-3/4
• Base Dimensions (In.): 20-7/16 x 14-3/16
• Drilling Capacity Mild Steel (In.): 1/2
• Spindle Travel (In.): 6
• Base Work Table (In.): 12-1/8 x 11-13/16
• Weight (Lbs.): 426
• Distance Column to Spindle (In.): 7-1/2
• Drills to Center of Circle (in): 15
• Work Table Weight Capacity (Lbs.): 90
• Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM): 400 - 5,000
• Spindle Distance to Base (In.): 44-1/2
• T-Slot Centers (In.): 5-5/16
• Motor (HP): 1 HP, 115/230V, 1Ph
• Base Slots Number & Size (In.): 2 & 1/2
• Drilling Capacity Cast Iron (In.): 5/8
• Number of Spindle Speeds: Variable

These JET Drill Presses use a variable-speed motor with the stepped-pulley system, and come equipped with a continuously variable transmission. This enables use at a wide range of speeds, as well as the ability to change speed during operation. A scale-marked hand wheel that matches the desired machine speed is mounted to a reduction gearing system for precise operator control. This adjusts the gearing ratio between the motor's fixed pulley and the output shaft's variable pulley, changing the speed of the chuck. A tensioner pulley is implemented in the belt transmission to take up or release the slack in the belt as the speed changes.