Klein 1802-30SSR Block and Tackle 259 Anchor Hook Spliced

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• Light, galvanized-steel shell blocks are fitted with snubbing hooks to hold the load
• Sheaves are strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy with all-bronze bushings
• Available with standard snap hooks or guarded snap hooks (with snap hook nose lengthened to extend over the latch or keeper)
• Choice of forged hook Cat. No. 258 or swivel hook Cat. No. 259
• Hooks fit under insulator and engage pin on cross arm
• 3/8'' (10 mm) diameter rope
• 25 ft (7.62 m) rope spliced to block
• Maximum safe load is 750 lbs. (340 kg)
• These are NOT occupational protective hooks. NOT for human support
• These are NOT occupational protective devices. Do NOT use for human support.

• Material: Galvanized-Steel Shell Blocks, Aluminum Alloy Bushings, Nylon Rope
• 267 Block: Yes
• Weight: 2.85 lbs. (1.29 kg)
• 259 Swivel Anchor Hook: Yes
• 268 Block: Yes
• Rope spliced to component number: 268 Block