Ramset T3FUELPK T3SS Fuel Cell (2pk)

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ITW Ramset Red Head T3FuelPK Specifications:
•  Fuel Cell Capacity: 1,000 shots

ITW Ramset Red Head T3FuelPK Includes:
•  (2) Fuel Cells

ITW Ramset Red Head T3FuelPK Features:
•  Fuel cell vs. powder load comparison: The average cost savings to deliver 1000 shots for the Ramset T3ss fuel cell is between 50-70% less expensive compared to powder.
•  The basis of Ramset Gas Actuated Fastening tools are the Fuel Cells.
•  Easy to install, just drop it in and click to engage.
•  Leave the cell in until it’s completely used up. When it’s used up press the quick release Fuel Cell Eject button and dispose of it the same way you would a used can of spray paint.