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Reed 04456 R450PAL Tripod Chain w Neoprene Coated Jaws, 1/8" - 6"

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Product Description

• (1) Tripod Chain

• Aluminum legs reduce tripod weight, making R450PAL a great choice for weight-critical field use.
• At under 28 lbs, R450PAL is about 30% lighter than competitive models.
• Patented, reversible double-sided bowtie jaws w neoprene side for plastic pipe and steel jaws on other side for metal pipe.
• Chain vise style adjusts to odd-shaped work pieces.
• Straight cranking handle.
• Handle grip is positioned so handler can pick up and carry the folded tripod at the balance point.
• Sides on folding tray keep tools and parts safe from falling or rolling off.

• Length: 43.5
• Width: 15.75
• Height: 14.5

Reed Tripod Vises are among the strongest pipe vises available. They are manufactured with heavy gauge steel, overlapping hinges, and the best adjustable tray clamp, not a set screw, to keep the lower tray assembly and entire portable workbench tight - even after many hours of use. The heavy-duty design permits use with pipe up to 6" diameter. Tripods fold into a compact shape, have a padded handle grip at the balance point, and boast the lightest weight for the easiest portability of all well-known tripods. R470+ offers the same great features as Reed’s R450+, but R470+ provides a 60 percent larger top tray and a 45° cranking handle. All Reed tripod vises offer double-sided, patented “bowtie jaws" for 15% extra value versus purchase of a second jaw set. Reverse the jaws for an extra face and save the cost of buying a replacement set as soon. Exclusive double-faced jaws on the R450P, R470P and R470PAL offer one neoprene side for plastic pipe/soft metals and the other regular jaw for metal pipe. Neoprene jaws provide protection against damaging plastic pipe and soft metal pipe. Jaws are easily rotated from plastic pipe to metal pipe position to protect against damage and to maximize productivity. R40+ yoke vise with 2 ½" pipe capacity is built on the same, sturdy tripod vise platform. Double-sided jaws allow for reversal before replacement. Ask for Reed/RIDGID® brand interchangeable parts list for RIDGID® brand 460 and 40.

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