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Reed 04604 HPC4+ Guillotine Pipe Cutter

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• (1) Guillotine Pipe Cutter

• Cuts PE up to 4" (125 mm).
• Squarest cut available, win 1?8" (3 mm) on medium and high density pipe, due to strong frames and unique blade design.
• Saves facing cost: no facing needed for electrofusion, less needed for butt-fusion.
• Requires minimal clearance, only 4" – 6" (102 - 152 mm) around pipe.
• Clean and safe! No chips to clog valves and aperatures.
• Many high quality cuts, w durable non-stick coated (resharpenable and replaceable) tool steel blade.

• Length: 18.25
• Width: 11.25
• Height: 5

Robust Guillotine Pipe Cutters are designed to cut PE pipe from SDR15.5 to SDR9 within 1/8" (3 mm) of square on medium and high-density pipe. HPC12 is designed for DIPS and IPS PE pipe from SDR17 to SDR9.3. Brass bushings in HPC12 crosshead feed assembly yield smooth feed and more consistent blade alignment. The accurate cuts from Reed Guillotine Cutters mean no facing is needed for electrofusion and only minimal facing for butt fusion joints. Durable, non-stick coated blade makes many square cuts with no chips to clog valves and small openings. Slight taper on blade allows an easy start to the cut, and holds form for a nice, (more...)

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