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Reed 92351 VKEXT3 Valve Key Extension, 3'

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Product Description

• (1) Valve Key Extension

• When extra reach is needed, add a Reed Extension Shaft to a Reed Valve Key.
• Add up to 36.75" (933 mm) extension reach.
• Extension increments of the VKEXT3 are 5.75, 20.75 and 36.75"es.
• Used w VKA, VKEXT3 extends the key to a maximum length of 117.75"es (2991 mm).
• VKEXT3 measures 39.75" (1010 mm) to fit in trucks and trunks.

• Length: 39.75
• Width: 1.25
• Height: 1.25

Reed Valve and Curb Keys are built for strength and durability. All of Reed’s key assemblies will support a maximum torque of 200 foot-pounds.  Upper shafts are made from heavy-gauge, mechanical steel tubing plus curb key ends are machined from solid steel for strength. As a safety feature, keys bend before breaking to indicate overload. Made in USA, Reed valve and curb keys also feature strong welds at critical points.Valve and curb keys have a telescoping design. When telescoped in, they are under 4 feet long and fit easily in small utility trucks, behind pickup seats, and in car trunks. When telescoped out, lengths of 5 feet to 7 feet are possible. Add VKEXT or VKEXT3 extension bars to further extend the keys to maximum lengths of 10 to 12 feet. VK6KIT is grea(more...)

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