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Reed 97525 UPCDIA6 6" UPC BLADE, Diamond Grit

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Product Description


• Maximum RPM 10,185
• Diamond grit edge
• Cuts cast iron, pit cast, ductile iron, clay, concrete

• Length: 6
• Width: 6
• Height: 0.125

Blades available for pneumatic and hydraulic Universal Reed Pipe Cutters. Blades for STEEL PIPE give operators a great new use for the UPC! NOTE: When cutting steel pipe with the steel blades or "DIA" blades, sparks are possible and expected. Because of the sparks, the UPC cannot be used for cold cuts. 97511 PVC pipe bevel cutter for the UPC produces a 15 degree bevel on the pipe. CAUTION: When cutting steel, ductile iron, or cast iron, the UPC can produce sparks. When cutting PE, the UPC may cause a build-up of static electricity. Do not use the UPC saw in-line on potentially explosive or otherwise dangerous situations. The line must be verified as completely purged of any flammable vapor or liquid.

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