Reed RG26S Hydraulic Roll Groover - Steel, Ss, Al, Pvc

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• (1) Portable Roll Groover

• Designed for manual use.
• Angled rollers on RG26S keep the groover on the pipe and in-line.
• RG26S ratchet wrench is easy to use in tight places.

• Length: 14.5
• Width: 7.5
• Height: 6.75

Reed portable roll groovers are compact, durable tools for use at installation sites.   RG6S roll groover is designed to be powered by Reed 5301PD power drive. RG6S has heavy-duty, sealed bearings and a steel body to withstand the punishment of severe grooving applications, including use on Schedule 40 pipe. Finger-adjust depth screw and gauge provide quick adjustment and accurate, repeatable groove depths. No bulky adjusting wrenches required.   RG26 roll groover manually grooves in-place pipe and pipe too short for powered groovers. It is easily carried and positioned with a convenient handle. Screw knob on top of unit makes for easy depth adjustments. Included ratcheting handle is used for feeding and turning.