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Reed SC49-8 Soil Pipe Cutters 1-1/2" - 8" Ratchet

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Product Description

• (1) Soil Pipe Cutters

• Great for gray water applications.
• Soil Pipe Cutters apply chain pressure to snap the pipe.
• Reed innovations have improved upon the original.
• Captured screw in SC49 assures proper alignment.

• Length: 26
• Width: 8.5
• Height: 2.5

The fastest way to cut cast iron soil pipe, clay pipe, and small diameter concrete pipe is with a chain soil pipe cutter. Great for gray water applications! Reed has improved the original design by providing stronger jaws and more durable adjusting screws which are interchangeable with the original tools. Reed soil pipe cutters are available in a single stroke SC59 model and a ratcheting SC49 model for close quarter work. Multiple use 1/2” ratchet wrench ships with SC49 models. No-Hub® Roller Kit is standard on all models. For cutting ductile iron pipe, Reed recommends Hinged Cutters™ or Low Clearance Rotary™ cutters. To cut cement lined ductile or ceramic lined ductile, use Reed's Universal Pipe Cutter (UPC) with the blade for cast iron and ductile iron pipe. NOTE: Jaw sets and cutter chains are interchangeable with Wheeler-Rex® models. Pressure Screw Assembly available offering heavy duty parts for current and prior Reed models, along with Wheeler-Rex® 490. Order #98046 for Reed SC49 models and Wheeler-Rex® 490 series; use #98047 for Reed SC59 models.

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