Relton RB14 7/8" Rotary-Only Rebar Eater Straight-Shank

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Relton RB-14 Specifications:
•  Diameter: 7/8"
•  Overall Length: 12"
•  Weight: .9 lbs.
•  Suggested RPM’s: 600-850

Relton RB-14 Includes:
•  (1) 7/8" Rotary-Only Rebar Eater Straight-Shank

Relton RB-14 Features:
•  At last, the answer to drilling through concrete-embedded rebar! No more broken or shattered hammer bits; now you can drill through the rebar and not have to relocate the hole to avoid the rebar!
•  This is a two-piece system, and comes with a shank to make a overall length of 12"; however, longer or shorter shanks are available.