Ridgid 71838 Head, Penetrating Ball K9-102

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• (1) Penetrating Ball Head

• Designed for superior drain navigation and cleaning across all FlexShaft models.
• Use alone or in combination with other FlexShaft accessories for additional applications.
• For 1/4" (6 mm) cable in all pipe types.
• Navigates easily in 1 1/4" - 2" lines.
• Combine with standard chains for penetrating head functionality in soft walled pipes.
• Combine with brushes for penetrating head functionality in fragile pipes.

• Dimensions: 0.78" x .078" x .85"

This is to be used with the chains on the 102 Ridgid Flexshaft machine to cause a sharp cutting type edge as you push through pipes. Perfect for 1" 1/4 to 2"lines and pipes.