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Ridgid 74703 Pipe Patch Kit - 3-4" Pipe x 3' Repair

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Original price $439.00
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• (1) Part A Resin
• (1) Part B Resin
• (1) Fiberglass Liner
• (1) Table Covering
• (1) Elastic Bands (Bundle)
• (1) Patch Tape
• (4) Gloves (Pairs)
• (2) Packer Sleeve

• Pre-Measured Fiberglass Patch Kits - Thoughtfully designed Pipe Patch Kits enable quick and efficient repairs with all required consumables and components packaged together for one-time use.
• Reliable, Long-Lasting Repair - Durable, fibgerglass liner is rated for small sections of damaged pipe and meets ASTM F1216 requirements; cured patches are rated up to 50 year life expectancy under normal conditions.
• Organic Mineral Resin - Two part silicate resins come pre-measured in clearly labeled bottles including Part A waterglass activater/hardener and Part B base resin. Simply mix Part A into Part B and shake to begin the wet out and curing processes.
• Work & Resin Set Times - Up to 15 minutes of work time and minimum of 90 minutes of resin set time at 65° Fahrenheit.
• User-Friendly Process - Patch Tape & Elastic Bands adhere packer sleeve to the Packer while preventing it from being dislodged during transport through the pipe. Elastic Bands do not break during inflation, allowing you to deflate and adjust Packer lo(more...)

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