Rothenberger 00579 Collins Classic 22A Threading Machine 1/2 - 2 Inch capacity

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** Stand not included. See Rothenberger 00045**

Drive Motor
•  HD 115 V, universal AC/DC 50/60 Hz. Develops up to 2-3/4 HP
•  6 brush motor for higher torque

Pipe Cutter and Reamer
•  Precision pipe cutter with dual guide for accurate pipe cutting
•  5-blade conical reamer

No-Load Spindle Speed
•  72 rpm, Optional 54 and 100 rpm

HSS Precision Dies
•  Long operating life
•  Optimum cutting geometry and excellent chip discharge
•  Can be resharpened

Pipe Chuck
•  Collins SUPER GRIP chucking system offers R/L chucking. 4 heavy duty jaws at both front and rear of machine ensure that pipe is automatically gripped and centered.
•  Easy to replace for both metal and plastic-coated pipe
•  Need special jaws for plastic

Oiling and Lubrication
•  Rugged and proven oil pump
•  Automatic oil feed for optimum cooling
•  Large, easy-to-empty chip tray
•  1 gallon oil reservoir
•  Use ROCOOL cutting oil, a special blend of sulfo-chlorinated mineral oil assures long die life and superior quality threads

Die Heads
•  Snap-O-Matic die heads (2) are standard, fast operating
•  Simple, quick change of dies without time consuming adjustments
•  All controls are clearly marked
•  Automatically adjusted thread length
•  Adjustable thread depth
•  Long thread facility
•  Threading range: Pipe or conduit - 1/8" to 2"; Bolt or rod - 1/4" to 2-1/4"
•  Uniquad head optional

•  All units come with safety foot switch

•  37-1/2" x 13-1/8" x 18-1/2" (L x W x H)
•  Carriage travel 11"

Optional Stands (sold separately)
•  Open wheel stand with tool tray (00045)
•  Closed wheel stand with locking tool cabinet