Southwire GP103C Maxis Grips Group C, 400 - 500MCM with GPJ03 and RC158

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• (1) Swivel Pulling Clevis
• (1) Carrying Case
• (1) Southwire Pulling Jacket

• Each double lock Maxis® Grips® head rated at 4000 lbs.
• Double lock system
• Holds securely to NO-LUBE® wire
• Disconnect wire from pulling heads in 2 minutes without cutting the wire
• No cutting, stripping or weaving of wire to make pulling head
• Easily moves through conduit and around 90° bends
• Staggered lengths for easier movement
• Keeps pulling head tight for easier movement through conduit

• Height: 6"
• Width: 6"
• Depth: 50"
• Weight: 8 Lbs

Dual lock pulling system using both a cam lock head and a double braided wire to quickly secure cable to rope without the fear of losing a conductor