Weather Guard 316-3 ITEMIZER White Aluminum Lateral Van 2-Drawer Unit, 6.75" x 24" x 49"

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Weatherguard 316-3 Specifications:
•  Height: 6-5/8"
•  Length: 48-7/8"
•  Width: 24"
•  Capacity: Each drawer will support up to 75 pound working load

Weatherguard 316-3 Features:
•  Lock Mount is provided for installation of optional camlock.
•  Anti-skid Strips provides traction for wet and muddy boots.
•  Roller mounted drawers glide open to full extension.
•  Adjustable drawer dividers offer greater flexibility.
•  Units Can be stacked needed for additional storage.
•  Spring latch Drawers carry up to 75 lbs. of equipment each.

ITEMIZER Drawer Units offer a perfect lightweight storage solution for tools and small parts. Made with all-aluminum construction, these drawer units conveniently increase your storage space by placing small equipment at your fingertips without having to crawl inside the van. Drawer dividers provide an extensive array of organizing options, and roller mounted drawers glide open to offer full extension.