Weather Guard 655-3-01 White Steel Full Compact All-Purpose Chest, 12 cu ft

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Weatherguard 655-3-01 Specifications:
•  Height:19-1/4"
•  Width: 20"
•  Length: 55"
•  Cubic feet: 12
•  Fits: '97 and newer Ford short beds
•  Accessory: Model 613-3 accessory tray may be ordered separately

Weatherguard 655-3-01 Features:
•  90° cover opening for easy access
•  Crimp-free/drill-free install mounting brackets
•  Full weather seal
•  Automotive style latch with smooth "one touch" opening
•  Latch linkage protection
•  Rotary style latch mechanism keeps the cover tight against the weather seal.
•  Angled body design is ideal for use with fifth wheel and goose neck trailer applications
•  Back of the chest can be placed tight against the front of the pickup bed because zero clearance is needed for opening the cover.
•  EXTREME PROTECTION Lock - protects against break-ins and has tamper-resistant retracting lock

Whatever your storage need on your pickup truck, trailer or flatbed, WEATHER GUARD All Purpose Chests are the answer! Designed for extra strength and durability, the unique, offset hinge design allows for zero clearance when opening the cover and allows for the chest back to be placed tightly against the front of the pickup bed. Our All Purpose Chests come in a selection of sizes to fit any need and are manufactured with the finest materials and most secure features.