Aervoe 259 Lead Free Non-Clogging Green Construction Marking Paint Spray, 20 oz

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Aervoe 259 Specifications:
•  Color: Green
•  Container size: 20 oz. (17-oz. fill)

Aervoe 259 Features:
•  Non-clogging cans empty contents completely
•  Mark is visible for up to 3 months
•  Available in 10 regular and 7 fluorescent colors
•  Designed to be used in Aervoe’s #244 Spot Marker, #245 Marking Stick (both sold separately), or by hand
•  Lead free, non-clogging can empties contents completely
•  Adheres to almost any surface; not recommended for use on turf surfaces
•  Uses: Can be used for utility/locator marking, construction sites and proposed excavation.

Aervoe Construction Marking Paint is the flagship of the line, offering a high quality paint that is priced competitively to meet a variety of marking applications while providing good color visibility and durability. Why pay for the added quality of Aervoe Survey Marking Paint if the mark does not need to last as long? Great color durability up to three months.