Aervoe 720 Hi-Vis Quick Dry Yellow Traffic Striping Spray Paint, 20 oz (SOLVENT-BASED)

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Aervoe 720 Specifications:
•  Container size: 20 oz. (18-oz. fill)
•  Color: Traffic Yellow

Aervoe 720 Features:
•  Fast drying
•  Durable, long-lasting, high-visibility colors
•  VOC compliant and lead-free
•  Non-clogging spray tip
•  Excellent resistance to traffic, oil, and gasoline
•  One case of aerosols will yield a 4-inch stripe approximately 800 linear feet
•  Apply aerosol with #798 Econo Striper, #800 Vers-A-Striper or #801 Vers-A-Striper
•  Ideal for parking lot, warehouse aisle, and athletic field striping
•  Bulk is ready for use in the #811 and #812 Bulk Paint Stripers
•  Parking lots, warehouse aisles, school yards, apartment complexes, road surfaces, tennis courts, fairgrounds, factory safety aisles, and baseball and track fields.