Aervoe 8078 Oil-Free Dry Graphite Lubricant, 16 oz

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Aervoe 8078 Specifications:
•  Container size: 16 oz. (12oz fill)

Aervoe 8078 Includes:
•  (1)16 oz. (12oz fill)Dry Graphite Lubricant

Aervoe 8078 Features:
•  Uniform coat bond prevents scoring and seizing
•  Dry, oil-free coating that won't attract dirt or dust
•  Does not contain oil or moisture-based dilutants
•  Excellent choice for extreme temperature lubrication
•  Unique protective film gives "new finish" appearance
•  Provides lubrication at temperatures of -100°F to 1000°F (-73°C to 538°C)
•  Ideal on automotive and industrial gaskets, conveyors, bearings, sliding windows and doors, locks, springs, chains, sprockets, plating non-conductors, mating surfaces on machines, and pre-assembly lubrication of moving parts

Specifically designed for engine or mechanical parts prior to their assembly. Made of synthetic colloidal graphite, it is an ideal lubricant when petroleum products must be avoided